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Discover our innovative case concept!

Cases that are as unique as they are fun!

To provide children with a moment of escape during their well-being routine, three themed boxes have been created: Princess (to dream), Nature (to discover), and Space (to explore). The cream easily clips inside, making it convenient for direct and easy use. Furthermore, with the fun and playful box, applying the cream becomes child's play!

Once the cream is used up to the last drop, simply get a new refill.

A system perfectly designed for children!

Our boxes have been meticulously designed and developed to provide a simple and enjoyable experience for both children and their parents. We opted for the integration of an intelligent "airless" pump system for several reasons:

Prevention of bacterial contamination: Simply press on the surface for the cream to dispense. This eliminates the need to dip fingers into the product or unscrew a pot, thereby minimizing the risk of contaminating the formula.

Reduction of consumption: The Doucéa box dispenses the right dose of cream for a child's face, avoiding material wastage.

Make it easier to use: Children no longer need to unscrew and screw back a pot; instead, they just need to press for a few moments to use their cream with complete ease and autonomy.

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