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Having troubles with breastfeeding or pumping at work?

Dear Mamas, Breastfeeding and work can be tough, but your dedication is inspiring. You've got this! Know your rights, seek support, and keep going. We’re here to help you! Tap on the relevant below for templates and solutions on how you can approach such issues..

  • Returning to workplace that don’t support pumping at this moment.

  • Workplace has a no nursing facility

  • Not sure how to talk to your boss about implementing a nursing facility

No place to pump at

Given a place but not conducive...

  • Currently pumping on your desk or meeting room

  • No privacy

  • Feeing very disruptive every time you have to pump

Lack of awareness in workplace...

  • Feeling embarrassed about pumping

  • Boss complain abut taking “LONG” breaks

  • Employers recommend you to stop breastfeeding

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