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NFF 2024


NFF 2024 (National Family Festival 2024) is a national celebration to show the importance of families, takes place on June, with family bonding events and activities throughout Singapore. Held from

25 May to 23 June 2024, the National Family Festival is led by the Families for Life (FFL) Council and its partners

In collaboration with Doucea, GO!MAMA offers two breastfeeding pods for bonding and a booth promoting Doucea skincare products, enriching the event experience for families.


Doucea is a natural skincare from France, co-created with kids for families, kids, and babies with sensitive, fragile, or eczema-prone skin.


It offers three products: Doutopia, Apaisea, and Micellar Water, all containing antibiotics that can help improve the skin.

Event Gallery
Mini Manicure Booth
Photo Taking 📸
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