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Frequently Ask Questions 

Skincare Products

At what age can Doucéa products be used?

Doucéa products are specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin, making them suitable from birth. However, we recommend caution when using scented products, even though APAISÉA has a suitable, hypoallergenic fragrance. Our advice would be to wait until around 3 years before introducing scented products. On the other hand, DOUTOPIA treatment water and cream can be used from birth.

Until what age can Doucéa products be used?

Products can be used from birth to 99 years old! We are a natural dermatological brand suitable for the whole family.

Where are the skincare products manufactured?

The products are made in France, in Normandy.

What is the shelf life of the skincare products after opening?

The recommended storage period is indicated on our packaging. This period, stated in the number of months, is valid provided that the product is stored under normal conditions and not exposed to significant temperature variations. For instance, when you see the “12M” pictogram, it signifies that after this 12-month period following opening, it is not recommended to use the product.

Can I use the products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Doucéa products are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Are the products vegan and cruelty free?

None of our products contain ingredients of animal origin, and we do not perform any animal testing.

How did Doucéa gain recognition for its Doutopia cream?

Doucea is one of the winners of the Victoires des Tout-Petits. The brand was rewarded for its Doutopia cream dedicated to atopic and very dry skin, made up of 99.2% natural ingredients. for is effectiveness and environmental impact

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