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Doucéa, fun treatment for children.

With Doucéa, children now have skincare that suits them!

Designed by Natacha Tarascon and crafted in collaboration with 400 children, Doucéa seamlessly blends efficiency, simplicity, and pleasure. Its core mission is to offer children skincare rituals that merge enjoyment with autonomy. Doucéa cosmetics, characterized by innovation, effectiveness, and fun, create an ideal care routine for children and the entire family!

Presently, the range consists of two creams and a micellar water, all featuring high-quality natural formulas enriched with prebiotics and probiotics. These products are housed in packaging that is not only fun and practical but also eco-friendly.

Doucéa, the story of our kids-friendly brand

Doucéa is, above all, a beautiful family story.

Conceived by Natacha Tarascon, a doctor of pharmacy and a mother of three children, Doucéa draws inspiration from her own personal journey. When her daughter Elisa developed atopic skin at the age of 6, Natacha faced the challenge of encouraging her to apply skincare products consistently. It was then that she realized the difficulty children often have in adhering to a skincare routine, leading her to transform these products into fun, practical, and colorful packaging.

Following this experience, she recognized that existing child care products in the market didn't fully cater to the specific desires and needs of children. This realization sparked the idea of launching a participatory project through engaging and educational workshops, where over 400 children contributed to the development of the products. Initially inspired by her own daughter, Doucéa now cares for the skin of hundreds of children with a focus on fun and gentleness.

How does the Doucéa brand manage to combine efficiency and pleasure?

When Natacha Tarascon decided to launch Doucéa, the primary objective was to combine the pleasure of use with extremely effective formulas to establish a genuine skincare routine. Indeed, it is through duration and regularity that the effectiveness of the care is fully realized.

Every ingredient has been meticulously selected to offer formulas containing up to 99.8% natural ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, cane sugar, centella asiatica, and cornflower floral water, among others.

The treatments are free of superfluous or controversial ingredients, a crucial consideration for the delicate skin of little ones - adhering to the 0% rule, with 0 paraben, 0 aluminum, 0 nanoparticles, etc. Furthermore, all formulas have undergone dermatological testing and are designed with consideration for the skin's microbiota. Natural prebiotics and probiotics, crucial for maintaining healthy skin, have been thoughtfully chosen and integrated into the ingredients.

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