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Frequently Ask Questions

Is the pod a safe place for mothers to pump/breastfeed?

Go!Mama pod provide a private and calming space for mothers to pump or breastfeed. Users are only granted access after a screening process via “Singpass”.

Why aren’t there changing station and sink inside the pod?

We endeavour to provide a cleaner environment for mothers than what one would find in a standard bathroom, therefore, we do not recommend for these amenities to be combined. For convenience, we do highly recommend for pods to be placed within close range to an area with sink/s and changing stations.

How can I find a Go!Mama pod?

You will be able to locate a Go!Mama pod and other nursing facilities through the Go!Mama wayfinding and access app. The Go!Mama app is available for free on both Google play or Apple store.

Why don’t the pods have dustbin inside?

To provide the best experience for mothers, as well as being aware of spatial limits, we have kept a minimum number of items in the pods. We would, however, like our pods to stay clean for every mother who makes use of them. Therefore, we encourage all users to take all trash and disposable items out of the pod and place them in a nearby trash can.

Do I have to pay to use the pod?

Go!Mama’s mission is to build a better support system for breastfeeding mothers. Both our pod and app are free for use.

What is the Go!Mama App for?

The Go!Mama is build to support breastfeeding mums with wayfinding to nursing locations. You can use it to easily navigate to the nearest nursing facility, check on available amenities and also gain access into Go!Mama Pods.

Can mothers share the pods?

Due to safety concerns, as well as spatial practicality, we strongly recommend that a maximum of one mother and two children occupy the pod at any time.

Where can I feedback on a dirty pod?

We are so sorry that you did not have an optimal experience with our pods, and we thank you for telling us so we can rectify the situation.

Are there sanitization supplies in the pods?

Go!Mama pod automatically initiate a disinfection process through ultra-violet light (UVC) after every session of use. Provision of sanitization supplies will be solely up to the discretion of each facility provider.

What should I do if I get stuck in the pod?

Check to ensure that both the deadbolt and manual lock are fully disengage. In the unlikely circumstance that you are still unable to exit, please call the emergency number provided in each pod or +65 80798417 directly.

Have other enquiries or questions? Reach out to us via:

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